Based on the value output of talents, pay attention to the development of employees, have a position, and realize the common growth of employees and enterprises. Through the three forces enabling system, integrating human nature and value pursuit, ac
Combine competency model to select talents who have the ability and are willing to grow together with the enterprise and whose values are highly consistent with the enterprise.
Focusing on the activation of the value output of employees, the effective management of talents is implemented through the three forces enabling system of target pressure, motivation and competitive vitality, and a set of mechanism is established to make outstanding talents stand out, to monitor the reasonable flow of talents, and to achieve the best use of talents and the matching of positions.
Relying on the platform of Yuandong academy, emphasizing the input-output ratio of talents, and combining the career design of the dual track system, we will cultivate a loyal and capable four-level cadre team.
Keep people
We should strengthen the incentive of excellent talents, combine spiritual incentive with material incentive, and attach importance to the long-term development of employees.