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Chairwoman Message

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Easton Biopharmaceutical, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my friends from all walks of life for their concerns and support.


Witnessing the high-speed development of the pharmaceutical industry, Easton, as the one of the leading forces, from its very beginning, has always remained faithful to our vision of "Self-fulfillment;Serving the public;Bringing sunshine to human health “. Underpinning these goals are our core values "sunshine, value, innovation, efficiency". We will boost relentlessly for the rapid development of Easton Biopharma.


We uphold the strategic thinking of differentiation and specialization as well as adhering to the innovative development strategy. We develop our Core Competence by the steady promotion of innovative management, sustainable development strategy and excellent team. We are committed to build an internal operation control system and decision-making system reflecting our core value, to foster a professional team of experts and managers, to create performance-oriented evaluation and incentive mechanism, as well as establishing a professional academic promotion platform.


With the advanced management concepts, scientific development strategy and the continuous expansion of our professional and efficient team, we firmly believe that we will fulfill Easton's dream of “Heal the human with sunshine”.


Your continued support is very much appreciated by all of us at Easton Biopharmaceuticals. Together, we will grow and establish a longevous enterprise!


Ms. WANG Ying